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The digital certificate for Made in Italy

We protect and promote authentic Made in Italy products with blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and compliance with European regulations to combat counterfeiting. We safeguard Italy's cultural heritage for future generations.

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It cannot be lost, because it is digital, and protects customers throughout the entire post-sales cycle.


Save up to 90% on the production cost on physical certificates


They unlock an innovative post-sale communication and engagement channel with value-added services.

Why do thousands of companies use Digital Certificates for Made in Italy?

Every year the Made in Italy fake market generates a loss of 12.4 billion euros for the Italian ecosystem.

          By 2026, according to a new European Union regulation, companies will have to provide transparency tools to consumers such as digital certificates to track the authenticity and life cycle of products.

What are digital certificates of Authenticity and Ownership?


3D Certificate Configurator

Create your Digital Certificate

The certificate tailored for your company.

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eCertificates Revolution

Maximize the impact of Digital Certificates based on blockchain technology thanks to our ecosystem of partners

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Authentication, Insurance and Guarantee

Origin and traceability

Loyalty Programs, Benefits and Experiences

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Shopify and CRM connection

The most advanced Digital Certificate management solution on the market.


Connect your Shopify Store with a couple of clicks and start generating Digital Certificates for every product sold.


Available on

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Do you want to know more about e-taly?

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Our prestigious customers

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Costs. It couldn't be easier.

All features included


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or €1,700 one-off

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  • What is a Digital Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership or Digital Passport for physical products?
    A digital certificate of authenticity and ownership certifies the origin and authenticity of a Made in Italy product, protecting it from counterfeiting and preserving Italian tradition and quality.
  • What benefits do my customers receive with Digital Certificates?
    Customers enjoy guarantees of authenticity, access to exclusive events, loyalty programs and an increase in product resale value, strengthening their trust in Made in Italy.
  • How can I access my Digital Vault?
    You can access your Digital Vault via the e-taly app, available for iOS and Android devices, ensuring security and traceability.
  • What is a Digital Product Passport?
    It is a digital document that includes all information on the production, authenticity and traceability of the product, ensuring transparency and compliance with regulations.
  • What is a Digital Product Passport?
    It is a digital document that includes all information on the production, authenticity and traceability of the product, ensuring transparency and compliance with regulations.
  • What is the new EU regulatory framework for sustainability?
    The new EU regulatory framework requires greater transparency and traceability for sustainable practices, forcing companies to comply by 2026, thus protecting the heritage of Made in Italy.
  • How is protection provided?
    Protection is provided through secure and immutable digital certificates that prevent counterfeiting and ensure product traceability, safeguarding the reputation of Made in Italy.
  • How are products authenticated?
    The products are authenticated via blockchain technology, guaranteeing the immutability and traceability of each digital certificate, protecting the value and authenticity of Made in Italy.
  • How can I integrate this system with my e-commerce site and in my physical store?
    You can easily integrate e-taly digital certificates via API into your e-commerce site and use scanning terminals in your physical store to verify the authenticity of products, ensuring compliance with new regulations and protecting Made in Italy.

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